“The only one-piece implant with no organic contaminants or inorganic residues.”

“Quality assessment of dental implants by SEM and EDX analysis. A comparison of five one-piece implants” Dr. Dirk U. Duddeck, CleanImplant Foundation. ZWP 3/2016, p. 12-18.

viber image 2019-04-09 , 19.07.03

The blasting material HA/TCP left no measurable traces on the implant.

Our cleanroom maintain air through the use of HEPA filters employing laminar air flow with a limited amount of particles per m³. Together with special washing process in ultra pure water, we can perform all necessary steps to keep surface of products clean.

Dziś chcemy zaprezentować Państwu wyjątkową śrubę BoneBuilder, która pomoże Wam w przypadkach, gdy konieczna jest odbudowa kości wokół implantu.

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